Riverside Community Church

Week 2 - God Talk

Last week we went to Genesis 1:1, In the beginning God…and said that we must reorder our lives so that everything begins with God.

  •  in my life

  • in my family

  • in my marriage

  • in my career

  • in my money.

Jesus is the glue that holds our lives together and when He is not at the very beginning of every choice, every action, every moment of our lives, then our lives tend to fall apart and become chaotic.

Today, under Beginnings–Start a new Journey, we’re talking about God Talk, God’s word

When God talks, when He speaks, what does He say, what words does He use and how does that benefit me?  Is God talk powerful, life changing, life enabling???

 In Genesis 1:3-5 on Day One. God is examining an empty, void, bottomless abyss called Earth and with a spoken word calls light to overtake the darkness. The passage says that at the moment the word “light” escaped across the lips of God there was instantly light to separate night and day.

 However, I also want you to go back and ponder what takes place in Genesis 1:14-19. That passage clearly states that on Day Four, God, in His creative genius, steps in and creates a glowing, fire ball that burns at 27 million degrees Fahrenheit to provide light, warmth, and signify that day has come. Then He speaks again and a song inspiring, love inspiring, and awe inspiring orb called the moon plows into the night sky to provide a warm reflected light.

 Did you catch it?

 He creates light on Day One. Yet, He waits until Day Four to create the Sun and Moon. In other words, God created light during the first few ticks of time, but didn’t create the systems to support that light until 3 days later. There was light, but there was no sun, moon, or stars to sustain the light He created on the first day with His Word.

 From the very first moments of creation we come face to face with the sheer power and force of God’s Word. God’s talk is so potent that even when there were no natural support systems in place to perpetuate the light, His Word had created light and it remained!

 So the truth from the beginning is that you need to hear God Talk! God Words!

It’s powerful to you, life sustaining for you and life changing in you

 1)  God words will sustain you.

The very Son of God understood this truth. You will remember in a moment of trial and temptation Jesus’ response to the enemy was that “You can’t live by bread alone! But rather you are sustained by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

 Jesus knew the lesson of Genesis 1! He knew that only God’s Word can sustain us in spite of the lack of natural systems of support!

 Because there will be times when everything will go against you, no one will support, no one will applaud, and no one will agree, no one will encourage you but if you can get a God Word you can make it.

 Too many are wandering through life and can’t seem to find their stride. Your life is marked by circling, patterns, and banging your head into the same wall repeatedly. Could it be that the darkness chaos that you are blanketed in is the direct result of a Wordless life? Read God’s word –they are for you personally. Get a word from God!

 2)  God words will bring peace.

Your storm won’t be silenced by anti-depressants or another drink. Your storm won’t be silenced by someone to sleep with or a nicer car to drive. The only thing that will silence the war within you is the Word of the Peace Speaker. Do you have a Word? A God word?  God’s word can calm your storm and give you peace!

 3)  God words will bring provision.

He spoke a blessing (Word) over the bread and fish and fed 5,000. Provision made by Word. A Word from Him can make your earnings stretch further and accomplish more than any loan or financial planner can. Phil 4:19

 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

 4)  God words will bring pruning.

We like the providing, but we must also understand that His Word prunes. It is sharper than any two edged sword. It divides and cuts.

Like God and my habit.        God and my friends.            God and my pet sin.

We embrace God Talk when it adds to our lives, but most of us resist it when God’s Word subtracts from our lives. God’s Word is a pruning Word too! Do you sense a pruning cut, a Word?

 5)  God words will bring purpose.

All God’s children sing in the choir, everybody has a spiritual gift to be used with purpose, every member a minister.

God’s word to you  - you have a gift-use it –you have a place - join in

 6)  God words will bring pardon.

When you say to God I’m sorry, forgive me  - He does just that

God word  - I am close to the contrite & broken-hearted

Everything you have need of isn’t found in promotions, bank accounts, designer clothes, scores of friends, or your name in lights.

 All that you have need of can only be found in the         creative,                life giving, chaos breaking,           curse breaking,          sustaining power         of God’s Word.

The Word can be ignored.  The Word can be choked out.  The Word can be missed!

 If you are wanting a new beginning, to start a new journey, to end chaos in your life   - don’t ignore, choke or miss a God word to you - but pursue them.  

There will come a time over the course of this year that Word will invade your life! It is our job to tune our ears. Turn down the volume on other things. Make room for interruptions from the Word. Quiet the other voices so that you can hear The Voice.