Riverside Community Church

Discovering God's Way in a Changing World

Our modern world resembles a vast, unchartered ocean.  We are no longer in familiar territory. 
Huge change are sweeping across our world and these changes have made our maps obsolete.  We have never been here before.  A fundamental fact of life in the third millennium is that nothing is as prominent as change.

A major shift has taken place in our culture, radically redefining concepts of truth, morality and spirituality.  Public opinion is no longer shaped by Judeo-Christian values.  Tolerance reigns supreme and relativism is the only absolute.

Do you feel bewildered, frustrated or confused in the midst of this rapidly changing, unpredictable world?  In this series of current messages you will find tools and skills that can help you navigate this precarious world of the twenty-first century. 

Discover God's way in a changing world.

This preaching series will run from January 5th to April 12th, 2020.